6th edition Errata & updates

Stella writes:

I was recently in Sri Lanka with the 6th edition of your SL book, now well-thumbed and much appreciated. I thought it might be worth mentioning a few errors and changes I noticed:

Electricity – we found a bewildering variety of sockets, from international and square UK types to the old UK-style round pin ones which none of our multi-adaptors would fit! Maybe worth mentioning this (in case you haven’t in 7th ed!)

Page 45: 5th line from the bottom: You listed various banks that will accept foreign cards and “issue up to Rs400,000 (around US$270) per transaction.” Having just arrived and bamboozled by zeros we tried to withdraw Rs200,000 and were disappointed/anxious that our card would be swallowed. We later realised that should probably have been 40,000, not 400,000. In fact Sampath Bank offered us 50,000 and Hatton National Bank stated that the limit for foreign cards is an impressive 150,000. I’m sure this has been pointed out to you before and I’m sure you changed it in the 7th edition but in case it was overlooked I felt it was the most important update.

P218: Admission to Dambulla.  We paid – I think about $10.

P238/9: Ritigala Archaeological Reserve: According to sign on ticket office open 8.00-16.00. Also, you mention the scarcity of visitors (mid p239) but this was not the case on the Saturday we visited!! There were at least a dozen full size busfuls of locals! Happily, since we arrived after lunchtime most were leaving (rather hazardous – and perplexing – meeting them on the very narrow dirt road) so we did enjoy the place with relatively few people there but it might be good to note a warning about visiting on weekends!

P293/4: Mannar  – I chuckled at your line describing Juli Hotel’s “uninhibited use of purple paint” but sadly, at least on the outside it has been repainted in cream! (A photo of it in purple garb could still be seen in a banner out front.) Maybe it is still purple inside!! More importantly, when we went there to eat we were told the restaurant was closed and we got the impression that this was not temporary. (We ate, and stayed, at Hotel Agape.)

P300: There is a new causeway in Jaffna joining the mainland with Valanai – the Valanai-Nainativu Road.  (We didn’t take it.)

P317: Chundikulam NP 3rd line typo – black drongo (not ‘back’ drongo)

P326: In Trincomalee, we stayed at Amaranthe Bay (for a birthday treat). You mentioned it is ‘5 mins from the beach at neighbouring Trinco Blu’ which I took to mean we could walk through but we were made to feel very unwelcome indeed when we did, so maybe best to delete that bit.

P331: When I read that Pigeon Island NP was closed Nov-May we almost changed our long-held plans to go to Trinco. However, we discovered that it is sometimes closed during that period, when weather is unfavourable, and were able to go without any problems.

P403: Aluvihara Cave Temple: 11th  ‘maintain’ should be ‘mountain’.

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