6th Edition Errata & notes

Thanks to Royston Ellis (author of the previous 5 editions) for noting the following errors in the 6th edition:

p 57 – Poya dates for 2017 were inadvertently included for 2018 (Poya dates given for 2019 are correct).

The actual dates for the rest of 2018 are as follows:

Bak: 31 March 2018
Vesak: 29 April
Adhi Poson: 29 May
Poson: 27 June
Esala: 27 July
Nikini: 25 August
Binara: 24 September
Vap: 24 October
Ill: 22 November
Unduvap: 22 December

p 124 – Negombo is not (as stated) 8km by road from Bandaranaike International Airport, but around 8km as the crow flies and (depending exactly where in town you are headed) around 10-12km by road.

p 152 – Dates associated with Dawson’s Tower in Kadugannawa should be 1832 and 1829 (rather than 1932 and 1929).

p 177 – in Aluthgama, Hansagiri and Ranga Liquor Stores are far superior in service, stock and genuine prices to Barley Street Wine Shop. (In fact, I bought a great Australian shiraz in Hansagiri for lunch today whereas Barley Street didn’t understand my request and had nothing except standard plonk!).

It has also been brought to my attention by Mani Kurien that that while the average daily high temperatures for Colombo on p 38 are accurate, the average daily lows should be 2-3°C lower, as follows:

Jan       Feb      Mar     Apr      May     Jun       Jul        Aug      Sep      Oct      Nov      Dec

23         24        24        25         26        26         25         25         25         24       23         24


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